Ever have that creeping feeling as you’re reading a pile of resumes that you’re passing over candidates that could be perfect for the job but they just don’t have a good resume, and you don’t have time to seek additional info because of all the other resumes you still have to read?

Resumes are marketing documents, just like any other marketing piece; do you believe what’s in those other marketing documents? Then how about those resumes? We pretty much take them at face value until, and if, you decide to invite them to an interview.

Oh sure, you have to read all those resumes in order to determine who to follow up with, but if it were possible to interview every interested candidate, wouldn’t that be better? If you just had the time to do all those interviews; of course you don’t have enough hours in the day to do that, but technology does, economically and effectively.

Why do we advertise for each job and hope that the candidates will respond with the “right” content in their resumes? Not to imply that this is always the case, but if we provided all the detail in the posting, then the respondents would all claim to have all that experience and knowledge, right? So we make them guess at what we are really looking for and include that info in their resumes. So we frustrate our applicants and make them guess at what we’re looking for, what to leave in and what to take out of their resumes. And thus we begin the candidate vetting process on guesses, inflations, deductions, and omissions. That’s been a hell of a way to hire people!

Ok, now it’s your turn to dream a little – wouldn’t it be great if you could just interview every interested person to get the information you need to make a hiring decision? There’s little doubt that you’d discover more good candidates and truly hire the best available. That would make your employer brand shine too, to be able to offer an immediate interview to every interested person, with or without a resume. I know, it would be great! But who has the time to do all those interviews, right?

It can’t be denied that a thorough interview is much better than a resume submittal (beats a simple resume submittal every time). Plus, during an interview you get to inject information, stories, and other information about the company and the job to help “sell” the opportunity and motivate the best applicants.

In this age of COVID-19, none of us is looking forward to meeting a number of people in face-to-face interviews. You could use video interviewing solutions, but then who has the time to watch all those movies? What a person looks like and behaves in front of a camera is often neither relevant nor reliable. After all, trying to act natural in front of a camera is the most unnatural thing to try to do. Would you be comfortable making judgements about a person based on the way they looked or behaved in front of a camera? What does that have to do with being able to succeed in the job you’re trying to fill?

There is a better solution to this dilemma – HRMC Acclaim sm, Intelligent Talent Acquisition Process Automation.

Want proof? What would you do if you got 1400 applicants within a half hour of posting a job? By using our Acclaim solution, this company automatically interviews every one of those 1400 applicants immediately, and schedules the 4 or 5 best prospects for an onsite final interview while at the same time giving closure to all others; all completed by the close of the first hour! And if you don’t really know what questions to ask, we can help you with that too.

Using HRMC Acclaim sm will help you:

  1. Improve the speed, accuracy, and repeatability of the recruiting process from start to finish, especially for remote store locations
  2. Automate the initial interview, evaluation, assessment, and testing of every person that applies, not just a few good resume writers
  3. Significantly reduce time to fill
  4. Give every candidate the experience they only dream of with a job-specific interview 24/7, instant feedback, communication, and results
  5. Attract better applicants with lure of immediate interview, no resume required
  6. All decisions fully customizable and performed immediately by AI

HRMC Acclaim sm works well, really well. Using various technology, HRMC has been doing this for 27 years, automatically interviewing and processing many millions of candidates for all kinds of positions at all levels of an organization. We’re here to help you too.

To explore this further just send an email to ron.selewach@hrmc.com or give me a call at 800-749-4960 x25

Ron Selewach

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