Automate High Volume Hiring

Lower time-to-fill while improving the candidate experience.

Acclaim’s AI works 24/7 to assess, interview, and hire!

Automate High Volume Hiring

Lower time-to-fill while improving the candidate experience.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

– Leonardo da Vinci

We believe finding the best candidates should be easy for you – dare we say simple? A candidate’s experience should be highly engaging and seamless. Your experience should be clean and efficient. But at the same time, almost hidden in the background, must lie serious power and sophistication.

It’s time to reimagine your hiring process with HRMC Acclaim – the blending of simplicity and sophistication.

Exceptional customer service has been a company standard from day one. We are passionate about our customer service focus, and believe that this aspect of client experience is integral to the value of our products and to our identity as an organization.
“As good as your technology is, it's your customer service that really blows us away!” Director

Human Resources, Large Northeastern Grocery Chain


Forget all the paper-chasing – all the steps – all the lost candidates. Instead, engage candidates in a single, streamlined experience that educates, interviews and evaluates in as little as 15 minutes.


Imagine always having a healthy pipeline of candidates… those who can perform the job and complement your culture – all without the hassles and headaches!

Our Clients Say it Best…

“Before finding HRMC we were struggling with a manual process, diversity issues, candidate quality and audit headaches. What we found in Acclaim was a system that was sophisticated and adaptable – something we could customize to our unique needs. It’s made all the difference!”

Director of Staffing, Fortune 50 Snack Food Company

“HRMC is the glue that holds our entire selection process together.”

Sr. Vice President, Fortune 100 Snack and Beverage Company

“HRMC Acclaim… A brilliant rethink of recruiting and hiring”

Brian Sommer, Industry Analyst, Vital Analysis

“I’m happy as a lark! You just don’t know how refreshing it is to work with a great vendor that is able to get things done!”

Staffing Director, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

“Yes… we did it – with the help of HRMC Acclaim, we effortlessly processed over 50,000 candidates in one week. Wow!”

Director of Recruiting, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“Before Acclaim, we lost way too many candidates due to our multi-step process. With Acclaim’s single candidate session, we’re able to advance and interview many more top-notch candidates”

Vice President, Talent, Large US-Based Call Center


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