Need more high-quality candidates? Start interacting on THEIR terms.

Need more high-quality candidates? Start interacting on THEIR terms.

If you’re still holding on to an “old-school,” multi-step, resume-centric approach to identifying talent, you’re missing out on serious opportunity. There’s a better way – a way that eliminates barriers and puts candidates first!

No Resume… No Problem

Did you know that at any given moment, only 30% of the nation’s workforce have a current resume?

Recruiting and selection processes that require resumes are unknowingly creating a barrier to making CONNECTIONS (especially among desirable passive candidates).

To make matters worse, according to HireRight, 85% of employers caught applicants fibbing on their resumes!

Acclaim is not a resume-centric system, which means you can pull from a larger pool of potential candidates. This ultimately leads to better quality hires for you!

Powerful Technology. High Touch Process.

From moment one, it’s important that your candidates feel a genuine connection to your organization and the job.

It’s common for the process to begin with your CEO or other company executive welcoming the candidate and providing a little background about your company and its culture, and previewing the process for them.

Candidates also appreciate the chance to get a first-hand preview of the job by hearing from a current employee in that position!

Baseline Requirements and Preferences

Next, candidates share basic information about themselves. The information you choose to collect is 100% up to you (although HRMC will provide advice and counsel regarding best practices).

Typically, these questions address things like education, work experience, specialized skills, and work preferences.

Like any good interaction, we’re careful to ensure the process is a nice balance between give and take, keeping candidates engaged and motivated to continue with the process. While at the same time answering the questions applicants most often have.

Deeper Dive Into Knowledge & Skills

Candidates making it to this stage in the process have some real potential, and it’s time to dig deeper!

Based on the unique knowledge and skill requirements of the job, HRMC works with you to create a series of highly relevant work samples. These work samples are not only engaging and challenging for the candidate, but provide you with extremely valuable (and predictive) data that can be used to help make good decisions.

Interview Self-Scheduling

Acclaim evaluates all candidates in real-time and identifies the most qualified candidates to proceed with your next step (typically an on-site final interview).

Candidates are provided with all available scheduling options and interviews with only the best applicants are self-scheduled within the same session!

The system includes appointment email and text notifications, reminders, and the ability for candidates to change their appointments online.


Isn’t it time you had a look?