The HRMC AcclaimSM Difference.

The HRMC Acclaim℠ Difference.

A Single Candidate Engagement

Acclaim reduces what’s typically a lengthy, multistep process down to a single candidate interaction.

In most cases, candidates can be processed from the initial welcome to scheduling themselves if invited, for a final on-site interview in under 30 minutes!

Candidate-Centric. Not Resume-Centric

While you’re certainly free to collect a resume as part of your company’s hiring process, Acclaim doesn’t require a resume to deliver the best and brightest.

Acclaim’s flexibility and sophisticated data analysis provides everything you’ll need, while keeping the entire process candidate-focused.

Verification of Expertise

Too often, hiring processes rely on a candidate’s self-report of capabilities (the resume).  And too often, these reports don’t match reality once they’re on the job!

Through job samples and mini-simulations, Acclaim actually puts candidates to the test, requiring them to perform critical, job-related tasks and respond to on-the-job behavioral situations BEFORE you make a decision.


Focus on Culture & Fit

While capabilities determine whether a candidate CAN perform the job, it’s motivation and fit that determine whether they WILL perform the job.

Acclaim goes to great lengths to put your company’s culture and values front and center.  It also provides candidates with a realistic job preview.

Flexibility & Scalability

Acclaim is known as being one of the most flexible platforms in the industry.  That may mean flexing to create an innovative solution to some of your biggest hiring challenges.  That may also mean working to integrate great tools you’re already using.

The platform is also crazy-scalable!  Just one example… a large pharmaceutical company used Acclaim to interview over 50,000 candidates in just one week!

Experience & Customer Focus

As sophisticated as our delivery and artificial intelligence capabilities may be, all this comes second to our team.

We’ve been helping clients identify and hire top talent for over 30 years. It’s this experience and our “jump through hoops” approach that means most to our clients.

Simply put, we take a deep interest and ownership in our client’s success.

What Can Acclaim Do For You?


  • Reduce interview process “bail-outs” with one seamless interaction

  • Cast a wider recruiting net, especially among passive job candidates

  • Increase the overall quality of hires

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

  • Reduce recruiting cycle times

  • Lower overall recruiting costs


Isn’t it time you had a look?