Recruiters and talent acquisition folks are valued and rewarded for bringing in top applicants, but as we know, there’s a lot more to it. Resumes to read, scheduling phone interviews, conducting them at all hours of the evening, review meetings, scheduling and conducting onsite preliminary interviews, follow-ups and checks of various kinds.

It’s a lot of work, and it’s not really appreciated or valued by the organization. As a professional, all that repetitive work is no longer challenging; you’ve mastered the process and could contribute so much more value if you no longer had to perform those redundant, time-consuming tasks. Think of the analytics and continuous improvement that can be made when every answer to every interview question is automatically documented and evaluated.

Known as the Pareto Principle, studies find that as professionals, we get to perform at our skill level only 20% of the time; the other 80% is spent on repetitive tasks below our skill level. For an example, look at your own daily routine.

By automating all or part of the 80% repetitive activities for recruiting, you and your staff can spend that time accomplishing more of the work at your skill level, the work that generates greater career and financial rewards.

Shedding the redundant, repetitive work is easy. This animated gif illustration shows how you can outsource all or part of that redundant work, save money, and free up your time, yet retain the more important final interview/job offer activity (that’s the 80% reward/20% of the effort).

We refer to this as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” (with apologies to Mr. Disney). With our HRMC Acclaim platform, everything leading up to the final interview can be automated into a single candidate engagement, saving a tremendous amount of manual labor, and compressing the candidate experience into one single engagement from start to finish.

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Ron Selewach

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