In my last blog, I outlined the advantages of automating some or all of your talent acquisition process. In this blog, I’ll illustrate that those advantages don’t come with a cost, but offset costs to constitute an overall cost reduction.

Every attempt that I’ve seen to calculate the cost of recruiting never treats in-house processing with enough detail to capture all the costs involved. Most provide only a single line to notate applicant processing costs. We went ahead and put together a cost calculator that has more detail. Seen by this example.

We made it interactive here if you’d like to compute your own costs. It’s the same as shown here, but interactive. Whatever numbers are there are the ones left by the last employer to use the calculator; we do not ask for your name or contact info, just feel free to use it.

And I can guarantee that automated processing will cost far less than manual processing. As a minimum, you can expect a 60% – 70% reduction in costs.

So, by automating much of your candidate processing, you will not only enjoy the advantages outlined in my last email, such as much more time for higher value-add activities, enhanced applicant flow, less repetitive activities for you, and a more impressive candidate experience, but you’ll also save time and money, and create a candidate experience that is world-class, and starts the process with what’s most important – the first interview.

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Ron Selewach

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