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Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He played 15 seasons in the NBA and won six championships with the Chicago Bulls. He helped bring national attention to the NBA and increase its popularity worldwide, becoming a global cultural icon in the process.

Who would let Michael Jordan pass by if given the opportunity to have him on their basketball team? Apparently, the Laney High School Varsity Basketball Team did just that. During Jordan’s sophomore year, the coaches claimed he wasn’t tall enough or good enough to play on the varsity team, leaving him to be the Junior Varsity’s star player for the entire season. He grew four inches by the time tryouts came around the following year, and the team couldn’t overlook him anymore. He became a McDonald’s All-American his senior year and won the national title at the University of North Carolina a few years later before becoming the star NBA player who is a household name.

It took playing on the JV team and four inches of growth for the coaches to see his passion, motivation, and skill.

Now imagine that your child was nominated to join a volunteer baseball team to raise money for charity. Kids from throughout the school were chosen for their athleticism and commitment. And your child would fit in nicely with any team. But a few days later you find out that your child was not selected.

You are perplexed. Why wasn’t she chosen? Did they know that she was the all-time champion in the 50-yard dash? She could have run those bases like a cheetah. Did they know that she was an excellent tennis player? Her coach, who had nominated her for the team, said that her hand-eye coordination was above others her age. He was certain that your child would quickly master slamming those balls to be the next homerun star. Not to mention that your child carries a 4.0 GPA while competing in sports and babysitting for a family of six. Clearly, she’s already a team player.

Why was your child not selected for the team? Looking at the application gives clues.

   Question: “How many years have you played baseball”?

   Answer: “None”

   Question: “Why do you think you would be a good team member”?

   Answer: “I like helping people, and I thought it would be fun”

Ideal employees are missed because they were not asked more intuitive questions during the talent acquisition process. Some of the brightest diamonds are the ones that present as unpolished gemstones.

HRMC Acclaim can help you find these unpolished gems and turn them into the diamonds that they are destined to be. Our intuitive applicant questioning, and automated recruitment process enables you to ask the right questions and uncover the right candidates for YOUR company.

Acclaim offers candidate-centric solutions at the front end of the recruitment process. The AI-based system helps to identify mutual interests and alignments between the candidate and your organization, finding the best candidates quickly. Then Acclaim moves forward with the initial interview, rather than referring to the stiff and formal resume as most recruiting software does. In fact, you don’t even need to require a resume in your process but are welcome to include that step if you so choose.

Instead of relying on resume self-reported capabilities, Acclaim verifies expertise through job samples and mini simulations. Candidates are asked to perform tasks and answer behavioral questions related to the job for which they’re applying. Plus, candidates are checked for culture and fit, with your company’s values being placed at the forefront.

Acclaim uses intelligent ranking to sort candidates using interests, alignments, and Job-/Company-specific direct automated questioning, rather than (or in addition to) a resume. This enables recruiters to quickly and easily create a shortlist of the best candidates far beyond the content of a resume alone and move forward with the recruitment process. Relying solely on a resume or using other recruiting software brands may lead you down the wrong path, making callbacks on candidates who aren’t the Michael Jordan’s’. Sure, you’ll get a new hire, but will you overlook a star player you could have hired?

With Acclaim, you’ll be sure to find the diamond you’re seeking, and do so quickly and with surprising efficiency.

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Ron Selewach

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