16.3 Million unemployed workers are just waiting to return to the workforce. Now is the perfect time to stand out as the company of choice by improving your candidate experience during the hiring process.

With COVID-19 still ravaging the country, it’s a difficult time to consider what the future workforce will look like, let alone plan for it. However, now is the perfect time to prepare for attracting and hiring candidates following the pandemic. Those organizations that plan for the hiring glut will be in the best position to attract the right applicants, applicants that are not only highly qualified, but are a match for the role and the company.

Here are four tips to ensure that your organization stands out to top candidates post-pandemic:

One: Make Sure Everything Is Online

With social distancing rules in place, it is necessary to step away from traditional hiring processes and think outside the box when it comes to recruiting and onboarding. While you may already have an online presence with your career site, it’s time to review your content and ensure that everything that potential candidates need to know about the role and your company is online.

Create and test a remote hiring system to allow you to quickly and efficiently fill positions when the time arrives. Consider the following aspects of the process and ensure that they are fully functional and easy-to-use:

  • Remote talent pipeline
  • ATS platform
  • Online pre-employment testing
  • Virtual training modules
  • Texting capabilities

Review your HR department’s onboarding systems and make them paperless. Online forms are easier to track and can be signed and filed without candidates ever needing to step foot in the office.

Two: Reconsider Available Positions

The pandemic has changed how the world lives, learns, and works. In the workforce, we’re seeing a large increase in remote positions. New companies, such as those that produce masks and services for cleaning and sanitizing, are popping up everywhere.

Take time to brainstorm the roles within your organization and determine if any can be combined, created, or made remote due to the pandemic. If you have a need for new talent, consider the marketing strategies, job ads, and pipelines that you should have in place to hire those candidates.

Three: Develop a Succession Plan

While it is scary to think about, it’s necessary to have a plan in place for each important employee, from shift managers to company leaders. If these individuals fall sick, you will need someone who can step into the role seamlessly and keep the company running smoothly. Creating a succession plan for your high-level staff members prevents rivalries between current employees and ensures that you won’t need to rush to hire a suitable replacement should an employee become ill.

Four: Improve Your Vetting Process

How long does it take for your company to hire someone? Post-pandemic, individuals will be ready to return to work and will want to do so quickly. If your organization takes weeks to vet potential employees, you may lose them to other companies that are quick, efficient, and ready to make an offer. Review your vetting process and ensure that your hiring process from start to finish doesn’t slow you down.

After you have laid out a detailed hiring plan following the pandemic, you’ll find that you can stand out to top candidates and attract the best of the best for your company. Many tools that are available for online recruiting and hiring, such as HRMC’s Acclaim sm, will become the norm in the future. Contact us today to find out how you can use AI to stand out in the hiring glut that will occur after the crisis is over.

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Ron Selewach

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