HRMC Celebrates 30 Years & 43 Million Interviews

A_bursting _bottle _champagne _and _four _balloons _101211-170688-849009May 2014 marks HRMC's 30th anniversary...and 43 million job interviews conducted by Acclaim, our flagship interviewing platform. When we introduced Acclaim, the idea that you could use technology to improve the way we engage and evaluate job candidates was completely novel. In fact, to large swaths of hiring managers, it still is.

With 43 million interviews under our belt, I thought I'd post thoughts on some of the key things we've learned:   

  • Resumes are best viewed as marketing documents that provide little more than forensic hints of past behavior.
  • Rather than relying on past credentials - which may not be accurately presented -- it is better -- and more revealing -- to focus on a person's ability to do the job under consideration.
  • To consistently identify top performers, you have to know what you're hunting for before you begin the hunt,
  • Inaccurate, inconsistent results often stem from not identifying the systemic drivers,  of top performance.
  • Video interviewing changes the focus of the interaction from content to performance -- not all top performers have the ability to "perform" for the camera.  
  • If you think everyone is completely comfortable using a computer and the Internet, go spend a day at a station in your own company's help desk department.
  • There are lots of books on interview questions; there are no books on understanding what the answers will mean..

Candidate assessment has come a long way over the past 30 years. To all our customers, associates and partners, thank you for supporting and inspiring us. We look forward to many more productive years ahead.