A Hiring Platform That Works Like A Machining Center

HRMC Acclaim talent acquisition platform delivers machining center accuracy, consistency, and return on investment for your talent acquisition process.

HRMC Acclaim… the Hiring Platform for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies have specific hiring challenges:

  • The continuous need to fill open positions requires speed and accuracy.
  • Candidates for hourly positions often don’t have resumes – few have up to date ones.
  • Finding candidates whose skills and aptitudes match the requirements of the job.
  • Assessing the candidate’s “safety-mindedness”.
  • The ability to predict “culture fit” and adapt to the dynamics and demands of a fast-paced manufacturing environment.
  • Determining the best “compromise” applicant when only less-than-ideal candidates are available

Combining advanced artificial intelligence and process automation, Acclaim gives manufacturing companies a platform that completely automates the entire applicant evaluation/selection process with the programmable consistency of a 5 axis machining center.

HRMC has been providing creative solutions for HR challenges for over 33 years. Our flagship service, HRMC Acclaim, directly interviews your applicants, identifies the most talented based on your criteria, and moves them through your entire workflow process automatically, giving you more time to spend with the best candidates and identifying new talent pools and sources of referral. The appeal of an immediate interview, with or without a resume, draws out many more applicants than traditional methods, accelerates time to fill, lowers labor costs, and enhances your “employer brand”.

The platform can be easily configured (no G code) for specific positions and hiring criteria (from real-time evaluation of core manufacturing skills to culture fit). Applicants are able to enter the system without a resume, and demonstrate their skills, aptitudes and attitudes in real time, from any device.

Applicants are “assembled” in rank order, most suited to least suited, providing hiring managers with thoroughly vetted candidates ready for the final interview. Or let the system schedule the final face-to-face interview with the most promising applicants.

We call it Acclaim, as it’s what HR and hiring managers get when they use our tools to build their company with the best talent.

Automate your Talent Acquisition Process

Like a 5-axis machining center with an automatic feeder, you can:

Increase Efficiency

Shorten cycle time by reducing a typical 2 – 3 week time-to-process down to just 30 minutes.

Reduce Risk

By reducing bad hires, eliminating inappropriate questioning, and documenting all steps in your process.

Increased Effectiveness

Consistent automated interviews find more hire-able applicants from among poorly written applications and resumes. Rank ordering identifies those worthy of your own time.

Build Your Brand

Offering immediate interviews, no resume required, attracts passive candidates who would not otherwise apply

Think about HRMC Acclaim like a Manufacturing Process

5-Axis Machining Center/Auto Feeder


Load the conveyor with raw stock
Load Acclaim with applicants. (Solicit applicants – immediate interview increases flow)
Program the machine
Set up workflow steps and all decision points, all done for you. In addition to “trade skills” assessment, Acclaim also “deburs” soft skills such as work ethic, rules compliance, safety, and culture fit – whatever is important to you and driving business outcomes!
Load needed tools into the machine
“Load” any “tools” needed (interview questions, assessments, simulations, videos, etc; all done for you)
First piece inspection
Automated process duplicating your workflow is first configured in a “staging environment for customer acceptance inspection; then moved to the production environment following your approval.
Turn on machine, turn out the lights, and go home
Acclaim automatically determines most suited candidates, processes them to their logical conclusion, rank-orders all applicants in a “perpetual inventory”; documents everything; gives immediate closure to all.
Return to find already finished components
All operations completed. Real time output of thoroughly vetted candidates ready for “final inspection”
Perform final inspection to find quality work
All candidates rank-ordered from most suited to least suited; you “inspect” (interview) the best ones – the best “quality”

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Executive Brief – A Hiring Platform

How you can acquire talent in the same way a machining center operates.

Artificial Intelligence

Sure, artificial intelligence can learn from your expertise and the way you conduct your business, to spot the best hires.

Quality Hires Begins with Quality Hiring

Don’t wait 6-12 months to find out if you made a good hire, Acclaim determines quality of hire immediately, in real time.

Try it yourself today.

Experience a brief demo interview; apply to one of our abbreviated sample jobs to get a sense of the flexibility of our unique processing engine.

    What Others are Saying…

    "Acclaim is the system that holds my entire process together without me having to get involved."

    "It’s so nice to come in each morning to find a list of people I know I can hire."

    "Many of our applicants do not know what to put in an application form to ‘sell’ themselves. Acclaim guides them in a positive way to put their best foot forward."

    "This is the 3rd company that I have brought in Acclaim, and it has never failed me."

    "Having the option of electronically interviewing over the phone is a godsend for my applicants who are not proficient on the internet."

    "As good as your fantastic technology is, its your customer service that really blows us away!"

    "I love it! I set the standards, Acclaim delivers, and the hiring managers become more disciplined."

    "HRMC Acclaim: A brilliant rethink of recruiting and hiring."

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      A special post-pandemic message
      As the world returns to rebuilding the economy, there indeed will be a lot of talent available, but if your talent acquisition process is not set up for speed, as well as accuracy, to identify and process new applicants quickly, you will likely get beat out by competing employers. HRMC Acclaimsm can cut your hiring to just hours, and minimize the applicant exposure/people contact your HR folks and hiring managers will be exposed to.